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    University Students Association of Greatoo Participated in the 70th Anniversary of the National Day Literary and Art Activities

    Looking back on the past 70 years, under the great leadership of the Communist Party of China, through the arduous struggle and pioneering efforts of countless Chinese, the Chinese nation is gradually moving towards a great rejuvenation! On the occasion of the birth of the motherland, on September 29, 2019, our company received the invitation of the management committee of Jiedong Economic Development Zone to organize representatives of Greatoo to participate in the celebration of the National Day literary and art activities. University Students Association of Greatoo organized the program on behalf of the company to participate in this event to present the 70th birthday of the motherland! In order to enrich the preparations for the National Day celebration of literary and artistic activities, and fully demonstrate the patriotism and high-profile appearance of Greatoo, under the guidance of the director of the company, Wu Yingxiong, the delegation of the Association of University Students organized an internal meeting in mid-September to discuss and determine the content of the program. Based on the importance of this event, after discussion, it was decided to submit the "Nunchucks" martial arts performance and "Poetry in Praise of Our Motherland" recital performance two programs, aiming to show traditional Chinese techniques and carry forward the martial arts charm with performance; The poetry recites the ancestral style of the motherland, praises the style of the times, and demonstrates the splendid spirit and culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years and the brilliance of the country's ethical martial arts through the double-walled content form of the Chinese culture.
    Next, during the one-week period, each performer used the evening shift time to conduct intense rehearsals in the company library, stadium and other places. At the same time, other members of the University Students Association Cultural and Art Groups also spontaneously went to the rehearsal site to assist in the rehearsal, and provided valuable opinions and suggestions on the performance content according to the on-site rehearsal effect. Through these opinions and suggestions, the details and performance of the program were obtained as a whole. In the rehearsal of the last night, the performance of the program was outstanding and the overall level was stable, which was affirmed by the company's leaders.
    On the morning of September 29th, Jiedong Management Committee officially began to celebrate the National Day literary and art activities, and the performance staff of University Students Association Cultural and Art Groups participated in the performance under the leadership of president Chen Xudong. In the martial arts performance program, the performer Zhu Ruizhou performed a nunchaku martial art under the background music. The figure was light and powerful, and he was very skilled in using the nunchaku and won the applause. In the performance program of "The Poetry for Motherland", the recitation of Su Xiangbin, with his infectious voice, sang a deep love and praise to the motherland, sometimes impassioned and sometimes affectionate, so that the audience was all immersed in it. After the recital ended, it was warmly applauded by the audience!

    As the lyrics sing, my motherland and I can't be separated for a moment! Love our motherland, this is not just a slogan, it is deeply impressed in the hearts of each of us. As a Greatoo staff, as a Chinese, we are all proud of the great rejuvenation of the motherland! All are proud of the richness of the motherland! Keeping in mind the mission, don't forget the original heart. On the occasion of the 70th birthday, we offer gifts for the motherland, unite with the motherland, and move forward with the motherland!