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    Greatoo Provided Shuttle Service for Employees from Other Province


    Time flies quickly. In the busy period, we unknowingly send away 2019 and usher in 2020. People who have been working hard for a year are homesick, and they are on their way home. At this time, the company's Employee Assistance Center and the Foreign Liaison Office jointly launched a service activity,to provide shuttle service to and from airports and high-speed rail stations for out-of-town employees returning home during the Spring Festival, and carefully prepared a nut gift package for each one to take home and celebrate the Spring Festival with his family.
    Since its establishment, the Employee Assistance Center has been taking the core values of the corporate culture of "one family, one heart, one energy, one goal, and building a happy Greatoo together" as its working purpose. In order to do a good job of this service activity, the center arranged the staff to design the registration poster and paste it on the bulletin boards of public areas such as workshops and cafeterias in the early morning; and arrange special personnel to register the information of the employees who need to arrange the transfer. After the registration date closes, the registration information is summarized, and at the same time, the Foreign Liaison Office is arranged to arrange the car. As the Spring Festival is approaching, all departments are very busy with work, but the colleagues in charge of the event have not complained at all, and still spare time to participate in the pick-up and transfer, so that employees from other provinces and cities can embark on the journey home. This thoughtful manifested the company's people-oriented corporate culture, which has also been highly praised and affirmed by employees from other provinces and cities.
    This company's carefully help activities for employees from other provinces sent the warmth of the winter to the employees, who have been traveling for a year, and it also contains the company's most genuine care for employees.