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    Condolences to Family Members of Overseas Employees


    The Spring Festival is coming. And Spring Festival is a festival of reunion, but there are such a group of people who are fighting for Greatoo abroad at this moment because of the work arrangements. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, in order to send care and blessings to the families of them on behalf of the company, the company's Labor Union and the Employee Assistance Center launched the "2020 Spring Festival overseas employee condolences".

    On January 20, members of the Employee Assistance Center formed a number of sympathy groups to visit and condolences at the homes of overseas employees. Everywhere, the committee members learned in detail the working and living conditions of the employees' families and expressed their gratitude for the hard work and efforts of the employees abroad.

    The development of foreign business is inseparable from the joint efforts and hard work of overseas employees, the support and understanding of the families of overseas employees, and the care and trust of their families on employees. Without the support of their families, there would be no peace of mind for overseas employees. For a long time, while paying attention to the development and vital interests of the employees abroad, the company also paid great attention to the practical problems and difficulties of employees' families in work and life.

    Through this activity, the family members of overseas employees were further closer to the company, the sense of belonging and loyalty of overseas employees was enhanced, and strong spiritual support was provided for the foreign employees. This is a good embodiment of the company’s "One Family, one heart, one energy, one goal, build a happy Greatoo together", the core values of corporate culture!