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    Organize New Worker Training to Help Promote Resumption of Production


    Resuming production is now the current theme of enterprise production. In order to actively implement the government's policy of resuming production, Greatoo actively uses its technical advantages in equipment manufacturing and automation integration to quickly tackle intelligent manufacturing related projects. In order to guarantee orders and stabilize production, complete products on time and quality, and deliver to customers, our company has ushered in the arrival of a batch of new blood, and various tasks are carried out in an orderly manner.

    In order to allow new employees to grasp the company's relevant knowledge as soon as possible, to ensure normal work, on April 20, the first-stage first-level training for new employees of the year officially started in the training center on the second floor of the intelligent workshop in the Zhanqian Road factory. This week ’s new employee training lasts for a week. A total of 34 new employees from various centers and business departments participated in the training. A total of 17 training courses were carried out throughout the training process. The number of trainees reached 538 person-times. The training content covers knowledge, norms, safety, awareness and other knowledge, including "Career Ethics", "Learning About Greatoo", "Observance of Company Regulations", "Code of Conduct", "Safety Knowledge and Safety Management", "6S Management" and "Traditional Culture" and other courses.

    In addition to the regular courses, this training also actively develops a new course-"Corporate Epidemic Safety Knowledge Training" based on the current prevalence of the Corona Virus Disease 2019, combined with the company's actual situation. The new colleague brought a timely rain on security and epidemic prevention.

    This training also has further innovations in the assessment. The "Internet +" assessment method was adopted for the first time, using the Greatoo smart APP platform, the test questions were posted on the platform and the mobile cellular data was used to answer the exam. Compared with the past, this online assessment greatly improves the training assessment effect, saves batch paper, saves labor and time costs, and further promotes the company's information construction, which will be promoted vigorously in the next.

    Under the influence of the current epidemic situation, the company still has a large number of new employees to join. We should better nurture them and make their grow in an excellent environment. The completion of the first-level training for new employees is a chapter for new employees to formally become members of Greatoo. We will also continue to promote new employee training in an orderly manner, so that new employees can acquire post skills as soon as possible, actively reserve outstanding talents, and help promote the company's resumption of production.