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    2020 Employee Assistance Center Annual Conference and the 8th Employee Representative Conference


    On the afternoon of October 20th, the 2020 Employee Assistance Center Annual Conference and the 8th Employee Representative Conference were held as scheduled in the audio-visual training room on the second floor of the intelligent workshop of the Zhanqian Road plant. All members of the 7th Employee Assistance Center Committee, candidates for the 8th committee, and employee representatives of various business departments attended the meeting. He Jinbin, general manager of the company's corporate administration center, attended the meeting.

    Cai Hongyu, chairman of the 7th Employee Assistance Center, gave a work report to the conference on behalf of the center. The report pointed out: In the past two years, the Employee Assistance Center has continuously improved its organizational structure under the support of the company's board of directors and the leadership of the labor union, and has effectively extended to every department of the company, maximized the role of the support platform, and handled employees' demands in a timely manner; Doing good deeds for all employees, this year's center held or participated in the Spring Festival series of condolences activities, March 8th female staff activities, employees of college students entering Greatoo, Chinese Valentine's Day networking activities, Mid-Autumn Festival condolences activities, Thanksgiving theme activities and so on. In the past two years, the core team of the enter has adhered to the guidelines of "Serving employees wholeheartedly" at work, dealt with the problems of employees' work or life, and carried out a series of activities with all their strength. At the same time, the members were trained and promoted. At the end of the report, chairman Cai said that he hopes that the members of the new help center team will earnestly perform various functions, further improve the effectiveness and level of the support work, and provide a strong backing for employees.

    According to the agenda of the conference, the conference entered the election of the members of the new union employee assistance center. The election adopted secret voting. From the 22 candidates recommended by various departments of the company, 7 employees of the eighth union employee assistance center were elected: Zeng Bo, Huang Kaili, Chen Ming, Chen Xuying, Wu Yifang, Chen Ruiming, Jiang Zexiong and 5 alternate members: Cai Dong, Lin Daochong, Fang Meihua, Jiang Jiahao, Wu Fan. Subsequently, the new members of the center voted, Zeng Bo and Huang Kaili were elected as the chairman and deputy chairman respectively.

    The new chairman Zeng Bo said that the employee assistance center is the employee’s natal family. Under the guidance of the company’s labor union, he will go forward with the new members of the assistance center, go deep into various systems and workshops, and listen to the voices of employees, and through various channels, reflect the voice of the grassroots to the company’s leaders, so that employees can find people to help them when they have difficulties, so that employees can not only get help in work but also in life. He will work hard with other committee members to serve all employees, be a bridge between company leaders and employees, and better promote the common development of the company and employees.

    Through the words of Chairman Zeng’s true feelings, I believe that the new employee assistance center will make further achievements in expanding assistance content, enhancing assistance strength and assistance effectiveness, so that the assistance center will serve better the employees. Greatoo is like a big family. regardless of wind and rain, as long as we walk together side by side, we will definitely see the sunny sky that belongs to us.