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    Hu Qintai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong University of Technology, Visited Greatoo to Carry Out Research Work


    Createtime: 2021-05-21

    On May 21st, more than twenty people including Hu Qintai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong University of Technology and Chen Zhuowu, Vice President of Guangdong University of Technology, visited Greatoo and were warmly received by our chairman Wu Chaozhong. The guest and host visited the intelligent workshop, robot exhibition hall, giant tire mould workshop and curing press workshop successively, and conducted in-depth exchanges on strengthening school-enterprise cooperation.


    Chairman Wu introduced the company’s development history, honorary achievements and product applications to Secretary Hu and his entourage. He said that since its establishment 29 years ago, Greatoo has consistently adhered to the equipment manufacturing industry and deeply explored the field of machinery manufacturing. It has successively formed four high-end formats of tire molds, hydraulic vulcanizers, precision machine tools and robots. In recent years, Greatoo has adhered to technological innovation as its starting point, focusing on industry applications and industrial development needs, and committed to the overcoming and breakthrough of high-precision robotics technology. It has established nationally recognized enterprise technology centers, academician workstations, post-doctorate workstations, as well as national and High-end R&D institutions such as local joint engineering centers, has strong technical background. The self-developed high-precision RV reducer, the core component of the robot, has obtained the national independent intellectual property rights for its advantages of low friction consumption, low heat generation, high output efficiency, low total cost, strong reliability, and long service life, which solves the key robot technology. In order to drive the high-quality development with innovation, we will blaze a unique path of independent innovation. At the same time, Greatoo is fully aware of the importance of talent cultivation and is committed to in-depth promotion of "industry-university-research" cooperation, such as the joint establishment of the "tire mold digital engineering production-university-research base" with Guangdong University of Technology, to carry out all-round and three-dimensional talent training, and continuously input for enterprises Excellent fresh graduates with solid theory and strong practice.

    Secretary Hu and his entourage listened carefully to Chairman Wu's introduction and expressed their appreciation for the current achievements of Greatoo. Secretary Hu said that the history of cooperation between Guangdong University of Technology and Greatoo has a long history. As early as 2007, the "production-university-research" cooperation was officially launched. It is precisely because of Greatoo's deep industry foundation and enterprising spirit of innovation that universities, including Guangdong University of Technology, are willing to cooperate with Greatoo, and batches of outstanding graduates choose Greatoo for employment. With the construction and improvement of the Jieyang campus of Guangdong University of Technology, the school and enterprise are expected to further strengthen cooperation, jointly promote the cultivation of talents, and realize the seamless connection of talents and positions.

    Chairman Wu expressed his gratitude to Secretary Hu for his recognition and long-term support to the company. In the future, Greatoo will continue to give full play to its own advantages, use scientific and technological innovation as the link to promote the in-depth development of industry-university-research integration, integrate resources, and achieve mutual benefit. The development of enterprises and society provides more powerful talent support to help economic revitalization and achieve high-quality development.