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    Deputy Secretary of the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Zhi Guangnan, Visited Greatoo for Investigation and Research


    On the afternoon of June 18, Deputy Secretary of the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Zhi Guangnan, led a team to Jiedong District for investigation, focusing on industrial development, park planning and construction, business operations, ecological governance, etc. They specially visited the Greatoo for inspection and received a warm reception from our chairman Wu Chaozhong.

    Mayor Zhi Guangnan and his entourage visited the four major production workshops and exhibition centers of tire molds, hydraulic vulcanizers, precision machine tools, and industrial robots. Mayor Zhi listened to Chairman Wu's introduction on the business development of the company, and expressed his appreciation for our company's achievements in the field of technological innovation, research and development and intelligent manufacturing. Besides, Mayor Zhi fully affirmed that Jiedong District has a solid industrial foundation and a good industrial development trend. He said that the municipal party committee and municipal government will introduce relevant policies based on the regional industrial development, and promote industrial platform construction, technological innovation, optimization of the business environment, and investment promotion. The government will further consolidate the foundation for local economic development, encourage enterprises to give full play to the advantages of traditional industries, increase scientific and technological innovation, and strive to achieve leapfrog development.