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    Greatoo 2020 Annual Shareholders' Meeting Was Successfully Held


    On June 18, Greatoo 2020 Annual Shareholders' Meeting was held in the audio-visual conference room on the first floor of the company's Longgang Road plant. The meeting voted and passed 10 proposals including the "2020 Work Report of the Board of Directors", "2020 Work Report of the Board of Supervisors", "2020 Financial Report", "2020 Profit Distribution Plan", and "2020 Annual Report and Its Summary".

    In 2020, the company achieved an operating income of RMB 1,678,113,200, an increase of 19.31% over the same period of the previous year. In 2020, the company will focus on the construction of core competitiveness, continue to deepen the transformation of the business management model, create a new situation for the win-win development of the company and its employees, and closely follow the development trends of automation, informatization, intelligence, and green, as well as in-depth and quality sustainable development path with increased efficiency.

    The year 2020 is an extraordinary year. The sudden coronavirus epidemic had a great impact on the normal operation of the society and economy, and it also had a major impact on the development of various industries. Under the strong guidance of the party and government departments at all levels and the strong leadership of the company’s board of directors, the company overcame various difficulties, earnestly grasped both epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and strived to minimize the losses caused by the epidemic. The company's soft and hard power continued to rise and steady progress. The company was successfully selected into the list of "Key Guarantee Enterprises for National Epidemic Prevention and Control", elected as the tenth chairman unit of the Rubber Machinery Mould Branch of China Rubber Industry Association, and was awarded "Key Enterprise for Radial Tire Mould in China" and "Guangdong Province Concerns the Next Generation Many honorary titles such as "Advanced Work Team", which fully reflects the recognition of the company's development from all walks of life.

    In 2021, the company's industry will continue its recovery growth trend in 2020. Our country's "14th Five-Year Plan" has also been officially implemented. The company will seize market opportunities brought by the new development of "Domestic Cycle as the Main Body and Domestic and International Dual Cycle Mutual Promotion.", and stand at the starting point of a new five-year plan to face brand-new changes and challenges. The company will seize the opportunity, take advantage of the trend, consolidate the foundation of traditional industries, develop high-end industrial equipment, and enable the company to continue to maintain a healthy and stable development trend. We will strive to present the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.