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    About us

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    Greatoo (India) Private Co., Ltd.

      Greatoo (India) Private Co., Ltd. is located in southern India "South Asia Detroit," said the Chennai city, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greatoo, specialized in auto tire mold, engineering machinery tyre moulds, aircraft tire mold and tire mold manufacturing. The company was founded in 2011 and formally started production in July and has run smoothly more than 7 years. Company currently has nearly 400 employees, completed the year after the sale of up to 200 million yuan of above. Company is mainly aimed at India as well as the international high-end customers, including local Apollo, JK, MRF, Birla and international top ten of the Japanese bridgestone, Michelin in France, the United States Goodyear, mainland, yokohama, Japan, Germany, etc.

          India is a great stake in internationalization strategy layout is an important base. Longer term, we have confidence in the development of India is, on the one hand is the future of India's infrastructure will be enhanced, the auto industry will be rapid development, thus promote the rapid development of the tire industry, it will give us the downstream equipment and tire mold manufacturing industry has brought great development opportunities and enjoys internationa influence in domestic and international.

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