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  1. Welcome to Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc.


    The current position: 

    HR>Recruitment Process

    Online employment process

    1. Applicants login the website, choose proper posts, fill in and submit the information form
    2. HR Department selects resumes and arrange interviews and written examination.
    3. Admit excellent examinees according to the interview result
    4. HR Department arranges physical examination for successful applicants and confirm the time to start working
    5. Give out offer letters for applicants passing the physical examination. Interns should sign triple agreement

    Procedures of on-campus job fair

    1. The company gives a lecture in campus and collects resumes
    2. The company selects suitable resumes and organizes preliminary tests (written examination and interviews). Then, comprehensive interviews will be arranged according to the results of preliminary tests. Details will be informed later
    3. Candidates passing comprehensive interviews have physical examination
    4. The company gives out offer letters and signs tripe agreement with successful candidates


    Select resumes

    We will tell you whether your resumes have been selected after you send the resumes. If you are chosen to take written examinations and have interviews, we will inform you by message, telephone or e-mail. Please keep in communication.


    Graduates must know

    1. Graduates must take the following certificates: ID card, employment recommendation form, transcript, personal resume etc.
    2. The following certificates must be taken when successful candidates sign contract: employment recommendation form, the copy of ID card and triple agreement