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  1. Welcome to Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc.
    About us

    About us

    The current position: 

    About us>Social Responsibility
    • Help new students to go to school

    • Send greetings in Spring Festival

    • Purchase excessive litchi to help orchardmen

    • Award scholarship to excellent students of the...


          For years, Greatoo has helped the poor to go through difficulties, especially helping those who are trapped in poverty because of accidents and serious illness, with donation over 10 million yuan; the company has helped improve poor villages and develop collective economy, supporting the construction of new villages and donating thousands of yuan to construct roads, improve irrigation and water conservancy, protect historical sites and the welfare of the disabled; at the same time, each year, Greatoo awards scholarship to excellent children of employees so as to encourage students pursuing in study.

    Volunteer Donation

          When disasters struck, our Greatoo staffs' help came from all sides. Disasters have no mercy, but humans do. When compatriots were struck by earthquake, with empathy, Greatoo coordinated resources to help them at first time when the company knew the news. Leaders and staff of the company volunteered to donate money and clothes, organize rescue team and coordinate rescue operation. Confronted by disaster, Greatoo held up a blue sky of hope by reliable shoulder; combating the earthquake and doing relief work, the company took practical actions to fulfill its social responsibilities.

    • Donation for Wenchuan earthquake stricken area

    • Conserving energy and reducing emissions

    Green Development

          As the leading enterprises of tire mold industries in China, Greatoo takes its economic responsibilities and moral responsibilities and transcends the traditional idea of regarding profits as the only goal. The company puts emphases in being responsible for consumers, workers, cooperators, environment and society, committing itself to manufacturing and inventing products in a green way, protect the environment, save energy and reduce emissions and develop the circular economy, which has showed a strong sense of social responsibility.