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    Norteast Tire Mold Inc.

          Northeast Tire Mold Inc. is located in the famous “Rubber Capital of the World” -- Akron, Ohio (159 Opportunity Parkway, Akron, Ohio 44307). The company is next to the headquarters of well-known Goodyear and Cooper Tire, and it’s close to Cleveland sea port. With more than 40 years’ experience in tire mold manufacturing and processing, Northeast’s product quality and brand value has been highly acclaimed.

          With excellent geographical location and outstanding product quality, Northeast Tire Molds constantly expand its market and increase its brand influence. Northeast has been providing new molds and maintenance service Goodyear, TBC, Bridgestone Firestone, Hercules, Cooper and other well-known tire manufacturers in the United States. Based on the United States, Northeast Tire Molds gradually expands its market share, and exporting its products to Canada and some Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile and so on.  Upholding the spirit of providing the best products and service for customers, Northeast has been widely recognized by customers and grown as a reliable and trustworthy partner of all the time.

          Northeast has a unique reputation of developing and manufacturing premium engraving segmented tire molds all around the industry. Recently, the company continually strengthens technological innovation, increasing the investment and application of new equipment, in order to improve the technology. Relying on cutting-edge production technology, Northeast Tire Molds closely follow the market trend and progressively improves the range of products. At present, the company main products include direct engraving segmented molds, precision casting molds, containers and tire molds repair and reworks, with varieties involving light passenger cars, light trucks, medium trucks, airplanes, racing cars, etc. At the same time, the company takes in-depth understanding of customer needs, in order to provide exact and precise customer service. By supreme customers’ requests and transforming the requests into incentives for technical innovation, Northeast has made significant progress.

          Northeast will achieve the goal to become an international leader in the tire mold industry by taking advantages of the financial backing and complementary capability from the Greatoo, attracting high-tech talents and industries in Akron, and contributing to the promotion of economic development. Meanwhile, the facility is applying high-tech, clean and environment-friendly process for manufacturing with waste recycling without impacting the environment.

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