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    About us

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    Germany OPS-INGERSOLL Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

      With its headquartered in German Burbach,  OPS-INGERSOLL Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has 60 years of EDM machine tool and 20 years of high speed machining center of manufacturing experience, is the world leader in electric spark forming machine and high-speed machining center equipment manufacturers. As the industry leader, in the electric spark forming machine tool, high speed machining center and automation technology for the mold industry set up a new benchmark.
      The company's main business is concentrated in the mold industry, as a combination of technology, the high speed machining center and the electric spark forming machine tool can be connected with the standard robot system and linear robot system to achieve automation. Because of mold industry customer needs understanding and long-term accumulation of experience, its high speed machining and EDM technology is in the leading position in the world, especially in the application of mould automation and processing of graphite electrodes, far leading ahead of other manufacturers. In the developed countries in Europe and the United States has a very high reputation and market share, with Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Visteon, Borda, Perlos, Siemens, Nypro, Mold Elite, Faithful Molding, Midea, Changhong technology. Coxon precision, Jin Sheng Precision and other high-end customers.

      In 2006, the machine tool began to enter the Chinese market, the sales performance increased year by year. 2012 OPS-INGERSOLL joined Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, in Jieyang, Guangdong to set up new production base, mainly engaged in industrial 4.0 automation of complete sets of equipment and technology, high-end CNC electric spark machine, high-end vertical machining center for R&D, manufacturing and sales. The cooperation of both sides launch domestic GANTRY at 450C EDM machine has been successfully off the assembly line and achieve sales and the models are adhering to the "German technology made in China" model is OPS-INGERSOLL designed specifically for the Asian market development of new models. It has been committed to the introduction of Europe's most advanced processing equipment and technology to China, to become China's top mold manufacturing partners.

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