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  1. Welcome to Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc.
    About us

    About us

      For an enterprise, factories and equipment are its bones providing energy, while corporate culture is its spiritual power showing the company’s appearance. Technology can strengthen bones, while culture can nurture spiritual power. In terms of development, Yu Guangyuan, an economist, said: “The third-rate enterprises rely on production; the second-rate marketing; the first-rate culture.” Greatoo always regards its corporate culture as an important recourse advantage. In its process of development, Greatoo has gradually formed its individual management idea that “Humans’ value is more important than things’ value; common value is more important than individual value; social value is more important than corporate culture; customers’ value is more important than profit value” and relevant corporate culture. The company takes the responsibility for customers, shareholders, society and the whole country; the country is also responsible for products, each procedures of the production, each worker and workers’ family members. What the company pursues is the mutual development of society, customers, enterprises, shareholders and workers. The company has set up various cultural activities for workers to show their talents and self-value, which strengthens the communication and interaction between workers and the company, cultivating teamwork and improving the cooperation between workers. The standards of “high starting point, high grade and high profits” and the core idea of “higher, faster, stronger and better” motivate each workers and  infiltrate the management of the company, which allows each worker to develop their ability in the development process of the company and the company to fully show its potential, always driving the development of the company. Greatoo’s corporate culture includes common values, determination of starting business, awareness of competition, teamwork and brand building, which is fully shown in the company’s material culture, behaviour culture, system culture and spiritual culture.

    A Modern Manufacturing Enterprise in the Home of Molds

      The corporate image can be seen in its factories, the emblem of factories, workers’ uniforms, facilities, the structure and appearance of products, trademark, working environment, living environment, places of cultural activities and entertainment, which is highly thought of by others. Buildings of garden setting covering 120 mu stand at the factories at Longgang Road, and modern buildings covering 1, 000 mu occupy the factories at Zhanqian Road, with beautiful environment, clean factories, bright and large workshops, advanced facilities and technologies and good excellent products.

    • Office building

      Office building

    • The training center

      The training center

    • The dining room

      The dining room

    • library


    • Staff dormitory

      Staff dormitory

    • Basketball court, tennis court

      Basketball court, tennis court

    • Table tennis arena

      Table tennis arena

    • The bar

      The bar